Exercises to increase thickness of penis

Dissatisfaction with the size of his dignity should serve as a reason for men to start training your intimate areas. Exercises to increase thickness of the penis help to achieve the desired result always, but you need to repeat the steps systematically and not to neglect the use of assistive devices.

What are the exercise to increase thickness of penis?

penis enlargement.

There are a set of exercises that will help to make the member wider, and the self-esteem is higher. Specific contraindications to their implementation there, but one of the varieties of these workouts requires regular repetition, different degrees of intensity and success in a particular case. One man will fit jelcing, while for another it will have a less pronounced effect.

Physical impact on the tissue of the penis involves rubbing, extension, suspension of cargo heating. All manipulations should be done very carefully, don't go overboard, because the probability of ruptures, hemorrhages, irreversible damage that can cause impotence for life (unless you do the expensive operation). The most effective exercises (all performed on a partially erect penis):

  1. Flexion. Penis to grab the hand, gradually bending in different directions. The purpose of the action is to strengthen the trunk member, consisting of the corpora cavernosa. They belong to cartilage, therefore it is an unacceptable appearance of any pain, pulsation, swelling. The time for the procedure – about 3-5 minutes – no more. The strain of the cavernous bodies may be complicated by pain – if not immediately, then after the workout, during the recovery period.
  2. Jelcing. A popular method of increasing the thickness of the penis. The word "jelc" means a milking process. Its essence lies in the stretching of the skin (need to capture not only the epithelium, but partially cartilaginous part of the penis) and run his hands from the base of the penis to the head. You need to make a minor effort, the impact on the head jelcing not intended. Repeat the procedure at least once a day, preferably in the evening. It is advisable to make up to 200 repetitions. During exercise you can use a special tool, but it is permissible to do without its application (the so-called dry jelcing).
  3. The increased blood flow. The execution of circular movements of the member after the pre-grip at the base helps enhance blood flow. After all, if circulation is impaired, the corpora cavernosa are deprived of the opportunity to be fully stocked, and expand in thickness, they will not. Repeat the action daily, not less than 20 movements in each direction. To manipulation had not been useless, compress the penis should not sluggish, but not with special force, since the aim is to stimulate the blood flow, but no damage to body.
  4. Stretching in the sitting position. At the beginning of the course, to stretch the penis have no more than 15 seconds, to 10 times daily. You can apply a small weight, hanging it from the base of the penis.
  5. Capture. Suggests short-term consolidation of the base of the penis clip to block blood flow to particular bodies. Wait for the blue body does not need is dangerous and fraught with tissue hypoxia. When the fixture is quickly removed, the blood flow is doubled, making the cavernous body even more intense, and then stimulates them to swell and as a result, the penis increase in thickness.

Add new exercises should only if the ineffectiveness of these species. You can also consult the doctor will point out errors and give valuable advice. The process of adaptation of the cartilaginous part of the penis to force loads going on in different men individually. To strengthen the grip you need in a month (minimum). Of course, each of these workouts should be done in the home.

Despite the high efficiency of these exercises to strengthen the result, you need to use high quality drug, designed to strengthen the corpora cavernosa of the penis are the main segments of the genitals. The main effect of the drug is to ensure:

  • blood supply;
  • erection;
  • libido;
  • sensitivity;
  • timely ejaculation;
  • full potency.

Also the benefits you can pin a warming massage, which involves wrapping a warm towel after completing the procedure. It is also required to normalize the blood circulation.