A rating of drugs for potency is the first line

If erection problems is sudden, this may be a number of reasons:
  1. Exhaustion, both physical and intellectual or emotional.
  2. The rapid development of the disease or exacerbation of chronic disease.
  3. Side effects of medications (e.g., antidepressants).
  4. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol.
  5. Psychological trauma, quarrels and conflicts.

Typically, this causes only a temporary violation of potency, but systematic exposure can lead to irreversible extinction of male power.

How to improve male sexual potency instantly with medication

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To increase the potency in one day can be special drugs or intracavernous injections. With their help it is possible to achieve stable erection in 20-30 minutes and the effects can persist from several hours to a day and a half. Injections are used as a means of a second line only if the regimen of pills have not been sufficiently effective.

It is desirable to give preference to drugs of the new generation. Of course, the long-existing tools are still effective and have many rave reviews, but new drugs formulation is designed in such a way as to preserve the health of men and improve the condition of the reproductive system. Is it possible to quickly increase the potency without drugs?

To maintain the reproductive system in perfect condition you need to eat right, be physically active, in a timely manner to treat chronic diseases. Such measures contribute to the restoration or preservation of male power only in the long term. It is unlikely that the man will feel a sudden rush of desire and increase their capabilities, only eating the "right" Breakfast or drinking another pill to normalize pressure.

What to do if you need to uplift potency quickly: for example, in one day? This is possible only with more radical techniques. First, you can try to take simple and affordable steps, and in the absence of a noticeable effect to consult a specialist for the purpose of more effective means.

The question how to increase potency quickly, the best way to contribute to the following behavioral methods:

  1. Quality rest. It is sufficient to arrange in the course of the day several breaks, during which to do what you love to perform a couple of exercises or just quietly lie down, and by evening desire intimacy will skyrocket.
  2. Drink a Cup of coffee. This refreshing drink is better to treat yourself to a night and day in order to increase efficiency and to avoid excessive drowsiness. Need one or two cups, after all the abuse instead of potency may increase only your blood pressure.
  3. To take a contrast shower or bath. Alternating exposure to water of different temperatures will increase the tone of blood vessels ensure blood flow to the penis. If you plan intimacy, contrasting water treatments can be taken in the evening half an hour before our date.
  4. Balanced dinner. On the eve of an intimate evening is not desirable to eat to satiety. On the contrary, food should be nutritious and healthy, but a small volume so as not to overload the digestive tract. Popular products in this case, honey, recipes with nuts for potency, cottage cheese, chicken, eggs or raw chicken eggs for men, dried fruit.

Particularly important is mental attitude. Shortly before conjugal visits should be at least to forget about all the worries and troubles. Better to watch a humorous movie than to read the news about the tragic accidents. Ideally, the TV or the laptop is better to completely take away from bedrooms, it is proved that people who spend time in front of a screen several hours a day, much more often face problems in bed.