Potency men in 50 years - Treatment potency

Prostatitis is a common disease of the male half of humanity. This disease should be treated comprehensively, after medical examination and diagnosis by a doctor.

And only then allowed to use the recipes of traditional medicine as a treatment parallel to the main. For example, treatment of baking soda, which is often used by people suffering from prostatitis.

This method of treatment helps any at all kinds of diseases, so before you start self-treatment, you should definitely consult with your doctor to find out the cause and nature of disease.


The use of baking soda

Baking soda is widely used for cooking various dishes. Many Housewives use it as an environmentally friendly means for cleaning kitchen appliances and utensils.

Though about the healing capacity of sodium bicarbonate do not know everything, many use it to combat colds, runny nose, conjunctivitis, sore throat.

It is widely used as a folk remedy to combat many ailments, including it serves as a good auxiliary tool to be used in the fight against prostatitis.

Usually when the prostatitis is additional to the basic treatment with sodium bicarbonate involves external application in the form of compresses, baths, douches, wiping and washing.

When making it inside, he also gives a beneficial effect. Sodium bicarbonate increases the efficiency of action of antibiotics, and assists in the elimination of microbes from the body.

There is no doubt that the use of this product can not substitute the action of antibacterial drugs, but can act as a strong and reliable assistant in the fight with disease.

Baking soda is a very affordable and effective means of helping to get rid of the symptoms of prostatitis.

It has on the diseased lesions such exposure:

  • antibacterial and antimicrobial;
  • preclude subsequent spread of the disease, as it coats the affected areas;
  • reduces feeling of pain, the sensation of itching and burning;
  • has a destructive effect on the tumor and assists in the elimination of tissue pathology from the body;

Use inside beverages containing this tool leads to:

  1. To reduce the number of inflammatory lesions.
  2. The normalization of the balance of alkali in the body thereby producing a revitalizing effect, improving the immune system.
  3. Improvement of the digestive system and the excretory system. Thereby reducing the risk of developing the disease, as prostatitis often occurs as a result of constipation and stagnation of secretions.
  4. The formation of barrier to the spread of infection throughout the body. If the body contains other infectious or viral diseases, such as tonsillitis, INFLUENZA, acute respiratory infections, the infection of the caller can be transferred to other organs by blood or lymph. The use of soda in this case, able to contain the spread of "contagion" and prevent it from falling to the prostate.

Indications for use

Treatment of prostatitis soda can have a positive effect in the following diseases:

  1. Prostatitis caused by infection. It arises from the multiplication of various pathogenic viruses and bacteria. In this case, the means of traditional medicine will neutralize the acid, improving the patient's condition.
  2. A failure in the process of metabolism in men. This pushes the current over the years, the lifestyle – excessive use of harmful products in food, alcohol abuse, Smoking, chronic fatigue syndrome. All this affects the immune system. And when the immune system is weakened, disease is easier to develop in the human body. In this kind of life span can easily receive the kidney stones or prostatitis.
  3. Other diseases of the urinary and reproductive system in men.

Contraindications and possible side effects

Given that the impact of sodium bicarbonate applies only to the pathology present in the body, the treatment of prostatitis baking soda has a very small number of contraindications, which you need to consider getting this kind of treatment.

Even given the safety of this treatment for the body, it could be activated only after a visit to the urologist and only in conjunction with therapy prescribed by the doctor.

This tool has a very corrosive effect, so before applying it, at least outwardly, though inside, the solution must be thoroughly mixed. If you do not, you can get a burn on the skin or mucous membrane.

It is impossible to use the solutions of baking soda inside with:

  • ulcer of the stomach;
  • diabetes;
  • various oncology;
  • high pressure;
  • allergies and intolerance to this component.


You need to properly apply and prepare solutions, where there is baking soda and then the prostatitis will quickly retreat.

The kids

Per liter of boiling water taken 1 tablespoon of baking soda and a teaspoon of iodine, the solution was carefully stirred to completely dissolve the content in water. The solution was then poured into a basin of warm water. It is necessary to sit for about 15 minutes. The procedure can be applied daily, but not more often than once a day.

For oral administration

0.5 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate to pour in a glass of warm, not hot boiled water or preferably milk and carefully stir. The resulting drug drink after a meal in one go once a day.

For enemas

In one glass of warm boiled water dissolve a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate. Before the enema to drink two cups of fluid, and then to go to the toilet. Next, the prepared solution to do an enema, and then run the rack "birch", then 5 minutes to lie on his right side.

Despite the fact that this enema is very effective, it can be done only 1 time during the entire course of treatment.

the problem with a potency


Alex 50 years: "a few days after I started taking the soda, I felt that going to the toilet "small" was no longer so painful. The crotch was less swell. Increased potency".

Victor, 57 years: "the Past six months, I was worried about the prostate, doctors have diagnosed – a chronic prostatitis, I do massage, I took the pills, but after a while everything was repeated again. So I decided to try to be treated with baking soda. After a course of treatment with this folk remedy, I have a month to not think of the prostate"

Nicholas 35 years: "I Never thought that I would suffer from this problem. Me as a young guy, especially terrible for your sex life. So I wasn't cutting, he was treated with expensive drugs and massages. But in the end I had the feeling that to heal helped me cheap and banal soda. So do not give up any means for recovery".

Valentine of 48 years: "Last year I began to fail my potency. I've thought that very soon cease to have sex. But one friend suggested that this trouble may be associated with chronic prostatitis, and can get rid of it with soda. And since I was diagnosed – a chronic prostatitis, I decided to try it. A month later, after I began to heal and baking soda, my potency returned in his younger years."

Reading the reviews it is worth remembering that to remove the external symptoms – not to cure the disease. She has to be eliminated completely, otherwise it will go into a chronic form. And this is not desirable.

Therefore, traditional medicines are good as a Supplement to the basic treatment, which is conducted under the supervision of a physician.

And for those who are not faced with this disease, I advise to prevent prevent accidental sexual contacts, try to eat right, to get rid of bad habits, to engage in physical activity.

Erectile dysfunction is poor circulation in the vessels of the penis, which leads to the impossibility to commit a sexual act. Very often, this concept is replaced by the term "impotence", but impotence is a broader designation, and in addition erectile dysfunction includes decreased libido, failure of fertilization. The term "erectile dysfunction" is used when men have no erection.

Erectile dysfunction can occur in men at any age and its causes in a more Mature age can be somatic diseases – diabetes, hypertension.

Erectile dysfunction at a young age, usually has psychological roots. In most cases it is curable, but treatment is chosen individually depending on the reasons that caused it.

Erectile dysfunction at a young age in our time the problem is quite common. The question is, what is the age for lack of erection to consider young men, if, ideally, a man should preserve potency to a ripe old age? Because the time of greatest sexual activity is considered to be the age of 35, the absence of erection in this and earlier age considered to be early impotence.

What is erectile dysfunction at a young age and not only:

  • Erection is insufficient for performing and carrying out sexual intercourse.
  • Loss of erection directly during intercourse.
  • The lack of an erection.

Causes impotence at a young age, at age 30, 40 and 50 after

treatment potency

Causes of impotence may be psychogenic or organic in nature. Psychogenic causes stress, depression, organic – related disorders in the body. They are characteristic not only for young men but for the more Mature generation.

As a rule, at an early of impotence is dominated by psychological reasons, psychogenic developing impotence in the form of complex, uncertainty in own forces, especially when a bad experience previously.

Causes of impotence in men after 50 are connected, as a rule, with disturbances in the organism – atherosclerosis, diabetes, prostatitis, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, the consequences of bad habits. As a result of the disease worsens the condition of blood vessels, in particular vessels of the genitals. Blood filling the penis is getting worse, violated the metabolic processes in the tissues.

The potency is greatly affected by the lifestyle of a man, so not the last role in the deterioration of erectile function is alcohol.

The most common causes of impotence in young age are:

  • Prolonged sexual abstinence.
  • Irregular sexual life or later initiation of sexual activity.
  • Bad first sexual experience.

Causes of impotence in 30 years if no diseases are usually with a lack of normal sexual life, which can lead to stagnation in the pelvic area, circulation and microcirculation, disruption of metabolic processes. These processes entail the progression of erectile dysfunction.

Causes of impotence in 40 years for men, as a rule, are mixed. By this age, a systemic disease, which are backed up by psychological factors – stress at work, nervous strain.

In the treatment of erectile dysfunction must first identify the cause of violations: if the cause is psychological in nature – to go to a psychologist, if the cause of somatic disorders – cure the main disease, which blocks the erectile function. You need to watch your psychological and physical health, then the problem of impotence do not arise. And if the problem still exists, don't be afraid to consult a specialist. Today, modern medicine offers many remedies for the treatment of erectile dysfunction pills, injections, vacuum therapy, and even falloprosthesis.

Potency in men of 40 years: causes of decline and how to improve

Scientists andrologists conducted several studies and proved that the man's inherent sexual potential, which is enough for 10 women. But, alas, the reality is otherwise, because the potency of men after 40 years of sharply reduced, and at the age of 50+ many of the stronger sex wants to return the former activity.

Why are there problems with potency, 40 years of age, what symptoms should be a signal for going to a specialist and treated as reduced erection, will be described below.

Reduced potency after 40: the causes

According to andrologists of the top causes of reduced potency in adulthood is a lack of male hormone in the body – testosterone. This hormone is responsible for male libido, the formation of germ cells and reproductive system. Increased potency in men after 40 problematic, as conventional drugs are not enough. In this case, to the treatment of poor erections in men 40 fit in a complex, because this kind of condition is accompanied not only physiological changes but also psychological.

Moreover, age 40+ is marked by the appearance of andropause. It's something to compare the female menopause, only in men, this period occurs in a milder form. However, in this period of time is declining libido, manifested apathy, libido decreases significantly. Amid such a state sexual organ becomes limp and lifeless.

Problems with potency, 40 years of age also appear due to the stagnant phenomena in the pelvis. Poor blood circulation adversely affects the reproductive body as the genital area is not supplied with enough blood and oxygen. To the man had good erection the penis must have a minimum of 70-100 ml of blood. In this case, sexual muscle becomes rigid and stiff. When the supply is deteriorating, the penis quickly becomes flaccid and unable to have sexual intercourse.

no problems with potency

Also present a number of common causes which deteriorate the potency after 40 years:

  • Bad habits (alcohol, Smoking);
  • The lack of exercise. The smaller man moves, the worse the blood circulates through the vessels;
  • Stress. Nervous disorders, problems at work or home is detrimental to emotional health. In times of stress and nervousness testosterone is produced in lesser extent, causing decreased libido;
  • Unbalanced nutrition.