What is male power? The ability to kill a bear with your bare hands? To build a house, plant a tree?

To raise my son! Among other things, a son's need to conceive. Weak potency - violation in the function of sexual activity. The issue of male potency, perhaps one of the most serious for each representative of the stronger sex aged 30 years. Every year line, which raises the question of male power in this its aspect of potency, which translated means strength becomes lower.

To begin to understand what the consequences can lead to this unpleasant phenomenon - a weak potency. The main thing for every man is to be, and not just to appear strong. And in relations with the fairer sex, he can prove to himself and to once again establish their solvency? A person can be implemented in any industry, but such an intimate question, as the ability of an organism to sexual intercourse, will take precedence over professional successes.

Even a single failure in the intimate sphere causes panic, depression, long stay in a state of tension. Often it becomes a cause of destruction of family ties, and prolonged inaction - even mental disorders. If still overtook a weak potency what to do, why it occurred and how to overcome this disease?


The causes of weakening of male potency

If you do not raise issues of serious diseases and venereal disease directly affecting the state of the whole organism, it is necessary to distinguish between the causes of weak potency men into three types: unhealthy lifestyle, hormonal and psychological. It should be noted that the weak potency is not a sentence and not a disease, but only the alarm bell, saying that you need to pay more attention to their health. You need to understand the causes and find solutions.

Unhealthy lifestyle - here we are talking about Smoking, which affects the entire body, and particularly in the sexual organs. In the same basket put drugs and alcohol, decreased physical activity, regular pen fatigue, poor nutrition, unhealthy sleep. Overweight and obesity also contribute normal sex drive – are one of the many reasons for the weak potency. Alcohol and nicotine reduce the tone of blood vessels, preventing the normal potency. Due to improper nutrition the body receives the necessary vitamins, peptides and complex micro - and macroelements, amino acids.

Hormonal balance in a person plays a major role. Everyone has heard the word testosterone. This hormone has a strong influence on the male reproductive system. Determines its attractiveness in women, and even appearance. When disturbed the balance of hormones to cope on their own will fail – you need to ask for help to the doctors.

A psychological factor. One cannot neglect the influence of the nervous system and mental state to sexual activity, that is, on the potency. Only with a full psychological comfort and relaxation, not conflict, and previous sexual rapprochement complexes, generated ridicule or bullying women, you can achieve maximum potency.

Recovery of potency after the removal of the prostate

Comprehensive treatment of weak potency with the guarantee allows you to get rid of this unpleasant condition. One of the most important steps in the problem of weak potency is the lack of inactivity. So, putting aside this question for later, not doing it, the risk is great, "then" solve the problem of impotence already. To self-medicate only in that case when you pre-consulted with the urologist and hands you a list of various drugs that can be purchased at any pharmacy. Do not forget about physical exercises for a pelvis, designed to improve blood circulation. The decision of psychological problems, if any – on reception to the psychologist or the sexologist. If you decide to try to deal with the issue of weak potency Autonomous, there are a great many folk remedies, which, if not help, certainly not hurt.

Folk remedies

For those who are afraid of drugs or just trust folk medicine, there are lots of recipes to increase male potency. Various extracts of the herb, a ginseng root, oak bark, parsley and coriander, walnut, sweet flag, thyme. The most simple to prepare, but no less effective than more complicated recipes are presented below folk remedies for the treatment of weak potency:

  1. The combination of walnuts and honey had a very positive impact on male potency. You need 200 grams of nuts, mix melted pre honey. Take 5 dessert spoons a day.
  2. In extreme cases, apply mustard plaster to the lower abdomen, initially greased with sunflower oil. But it must be remembered that this is an emergency measure. Also, you can make an application of mustard to the feet. They cause irritation and increase the strength and duration of erections. The course is 10 days duration will help to increase the potency.
  3. Infusion of herbs thyme. 100 grams of grass pour boiling water and take 2 tablespoons a day after meals.
  4. For the initiation of sexual activity can be used a decoction of the roots of the bedstraw.
  5. Tablespoon of hop cones pour boiling water and cook on low heat for 10 minutes. Make twice a day before meals. The course duration of 10 days.

The purpose of the overall strengthening of the body, and in particular, sexual function - often go barefoot, take a contrast shower in the morning.

Drugs to restore potency

Another reminder: weak potency in 30 years - is not a sentence and not a disease. And if you wondered what to do, then, first of all, not to delay the solution to the problem. For many men this intimate question may seem awkward or too personal to address it with anyone. But do not forget that medicine does not know the words "uncomfortable" or "embarrassed". Try to get your life in order: reduce the amount of alcohol and nicotine, eat properly, change your occupation or if this is not possible – take a vacation. Try to solve the conflict in your head yourself.

And if you do not see the possibility to do it - contact the psychologist and doctor on sexual topic and together they search for the exit from the tunnel of problems to the light of harmony and good potency. Do some sport, more often go on the nature. Get rid of the source of stress or minimize them. To do this, find out where the flowing negativity and conflict. Eat more greens and vegetables. Good potency is a sign of a healthy, proper, steady life. Therefore, bringing your mind and body through the harmony of body and spirit, you will receive not only a stable and good sex, but also balance, harmony of the world around you.