At what age do men start problems with potency?

To prevent hormonal decline is impossible. But to make it so that the potency had been stable until 60-70 years, in principle, succeed. For this you need to follow a healthy lifestyle and eat right.


To resolve the problems with potency, you can use sexual stimulants synthetic origin. Specific drugs are chosen individually, based on etiologies of erectile dysfunction.

At what age do develop impotence?

At what age does a man become impotent and can I reverse this process? In the majority of cases of reduced or lost potency in the age of 40-45 years. The reason for this is androgen deficiency.

The concentration of testosterone in the blood begins to decline 25 years. Androgen level lowered in average by 1-3% per year, and the man right through to adulthood does not notice these changes. The lack of "riser" may develop before, if a man does not comply with a healthy lifestyle.

Lead to premature decline in libido and potency can the following factors:

  1. Smoking. Smokers often suffer from problems with potency due to the fact that cigarettes contain carbon monoxide, harmful tar and nicotine. These components have a negative impact on the cardiovascular system, but the erection itself is a hemodynamic process.
  2. Alcoholism. Alcohol is equally dangerous for men in young and old age. Ethanol is dangerous for the cardiovascular and urogenital systems. Especially harmful to use beer and other alcoholic beverages, as they contain phytoestrogens, which suppress the production of testosterone.
  3. Addiction. Sexual power can be reduced even in the use of recreational drugs.
  4. Unbalanced nutrition. Obesity potency can be lost much earlier. The presence of overweight has negative effects on the prostate and the synthesis of male germ androgens.

As can be seen, the potency and the age of men – related concepts. But it happens that the sexual impotence develops at a young age due to pathologies of the cardiovascular system, Central nervous system, the endocrine system. Another negative effect on erection and libido can a spinal injury, hernia, injuries of the groin and genital area, recent surgery on the prostate.

How to fix problems with erection?

Impotence in men in adulthood is not a sentence. To restore the riser can be through conservative treatment. The first thing to do is to normalize the lifestyle.

Elderly and young patients will need to exercise. Why is it necessary? Weight training stimulates the natural synthesis of testosterone and increase growth hormone levels. Especially useful are the power sports such as bodybuilding, weightlifting, crossfit, etc.

People who are contraindicated intense exercise, Nordic walking or just take daily walks. Regular physical activity has a positive impact on the work of the prostate and blood circulation in the pelvis.

More conservative treatment involves:

  • Diet. If the reduced potency in men, he needs to stick to a healthy diet. This is especially true of those patients who have problems with excess weight. In the diet should prevail foods that are high in content of selenium, zinc, magnesium, protein, fiber. Useful for men's health are dairy products, meat, fish, fresh vegetables and fruits, oat bran, porridge.
  • The rejection of bad habits. We have already mentioned that libido and potency may fade due to Smoking and alcoholism. So cigarettes and alcohol should be totally rejected, otherwise the treatment will not.
  • Massage of the prostate gland. This treatment is applied only in the case that impotence is accompanied by violation of the outflow of venous blood from the pelvis. By the way, prostate stimulation is an excellent prevention of benign prostatic hyperplasia.
  • The use of sexual stimulant. Can be used homeopathic medicines, inhibitors of PDE5, ointments, drugs based on testosterone.
of bioadditive

A good way to restore potency and libido is to use supplements. According to statistics, they are in 99.3% of cases do not cause any side effects. Moreover, the Supplement contains components that positively affect the hormonal background, and the synthesis of essential androgens.

How soon will be the result?

Extinction of sexual power reverse is possible – it is a scientific fact. Many patients are interested in the question how fast will disappear flabby erection and reduced libido? To name the exact date is very problematic.

Subject to all of the above treatment measures problems with sexual force will gradually disappear, that is, the potency will recover in approximately 2-4 weeks. This will happen provided that it was not triggered by some illnesses or injuries.

If the use of inhibitors of PDE5, the erection will come back very quickly. Usually, representatives of selective inhibitors of phosphodiesterase take effect in 20-60 minutes. But you need to take into account the fact that these drugs produce a short-term effect is 3-20 hours.

When you use homeopathy, the symptoms of erectile dysfunction can not disappear. Doctors say that homeopathic remedies are very individual impact. Some patients these drugs can help, some don't.

The most lasting results give dietary supplements. When using men's strength will not deteriorate even after undergoing treatment. But again, the level of androgens (total and free testosterone) and potency will fall, if the patient does not comply with a healthy lifestyle.