Does hemorrhoids potency, which entails complications of the disease

To identify the relationship between the hemorrhoids and potency, it is necessary to know the etiology of both processes.

Characteristics of the disease

hemorrhoids affect the potency

Hemorrhoids affects fat lump of the patient and the anus. The entire length of the large intestine located the hemorrhoidal vessels. These vessels nourish the cavernous body. Under the influence of various pathological causes inflammation occurs the blood vessels. Developing varicose veins. Varicose change affects food in some areas of the corpus cavernosum. There is an increase in tissue in the form nodes. For each stage of the disease characterized by a gradual increase of nodes.

Feature of hemorrhoids is the presence of bleeding. It occurs due to rupture of blood vessels. Severe stage of hemorrhoids is accompanied by the appearance of bumps on the outside of the anus. Thus the patient may experience severe bleeding. Pathology affects the General condition of the patient.

Hemorrhoids occurs in several stages and has different symptoms. Stage depends on the nature of the nodes.

In the first stage of the disease bump is formed on the inner side of the mucous membrane of the large intestine. There is a slight bleeding. For the second stage is characterized by the prolapse of the anal opening. The nodes reduce to the intestines themselves. The third stage is accompanied by an increase of bleeding and difficulty of repositioning of the nodes. The man must introduce nodes into the gut. In the fourth stage of hemorrhoids reposition the cones in the intestine impossible.

The reasons for the development of pathology

The disease occurs in many men. Feature of pathology is its location on the rear side of the intestine. Are such causes of nodes, as:

  • Carrying heavy objects;
  • Long-term problems with bowel movements;
  • Injury to the mucosa;
  • Improper diet;
  • Professional features.

Increased load on the body affects the vascular system. Under strong tension, deformation of individual sections of the veins. Vienna with hemorrhoids is often damaged due to the lack of support of the muscular frame. The disease often affects men who carry considerable weight.

On the formation of pathology is also influenced by the act of defecation. With prolonged obstruction of the bowel occurs an accumulation of fecal matter on its walls. To cleanse the bowel man needs a big push. It increases blood pressure on the vein with hemorrhoids. A disease occurs.

Venous circulation can be broken and cause injury to the mucous membrane. Microcracks accompanied by rupture of some small vessels. Pathological the plot begins to actively blood supply for quick healing. There is an increase in blood flow in Vienna. In the presence of thin walls or damaged areas on it, developed a lump with hemorrhoids.

Many men hemorrhoids are caused due to wrong choice of food. Fatty and fried foods requires a large amount of enzymes for digestion. The level of the substance is insufficient. In the intestine the food gets partially split. Difficult the liquid inlet of the decay products. This affects the development of constipation.

It is noted that many of the men who lead an inactive lifestyle, are susceptible to the disease. This problem often affects drivers or geeks. This happens due to the weakening of the trophic supply of the pelvic organs. The body tries to compensate for the lack of oxygen by increased blood flow. This leads to thinning of the veins and their break up.


At each stage of the disease has its symptoms. For the first stage is characterized by such features as:

  • Burning sensation in the anus;
  • The bleeding;
  • Pain when emptying the bowel;
  • Frequent constipation.

At the first stage of hemorrhoids has no external signs. The patient has itching and burning sensation of the anus. This happens due to the presence of microcracks on the buccal mucosa. A patient goes to a specialist when pain syndrome. Unpleasant phenomenon accompanies the act of defecation. Kale is detected in blood or red fibers.

Further, these signs are accompanied by the appearance of bumps on the outside of the anus. Hemorrhoid falls. While the patient increases the bleeding, problems with emptying. Many patients developing constipation.

Characteristics of sexual life

sex life

Arousal occurs in men due to the work of several systems. Under the influence of hormones, activates nerve cells in the brain. The impulse is transferred to the penis. Roots irritate the vessels of the penis. They increase blood circulation. The blood fills in a special cavity. Erectile tissues block the blood before the onset of ejaculation.

Ejaculation occurs due to the activity of the prostate and testicles. Prostate gland affects the production of secretions of the ejaculate. The testicles form the Mature spermatozoa. Proper teamwork triggers ejaculation.

Importance for potency is prostate. It is located on the underside of the bladder. Between the lobes of the prostate passes the urethra. With the development of any abnormalities in the prostate gland, potency of men is broken.

The relationship between sex and bowel disease

There are a large number of disputes between doctors about the impact of hemorrhoids on the potency of men. At the first stage of pathology has no effect on potency. With the development of hemorrhoids is the appearance of the first symptoms. Here they begin to have an effect on the potency from the psychological side.

During sex the pain of hemorrhoids covers the crotch. To maintain the tone of a man has forcibly compress the gluteal muscles. There is a greater load on the muscle tissue. Such sex brings no pleasure to the patient. He simply begins to avoid sexual contact.

With the appearance of cones on the outside of the anus increases bleeding. When this occurs, the difficulty of supply of the cavernous bodies. filling of the bodies is not complete. This causes erectile dysfunction.

Also, there are complications in the prostate gland. Under the pressure of the intestine of iron can become inflamed. The inflammatory process affects the development of prostatitis. It is an additional factor in the deterioration of male potency.

Also pathological changes are observed in the urinary system. Declining trophic supply of tissues. Oxygen receive insufficient quantity, there are inflammatory diseases.

How to solve the problem

hemorrhoid treatment

To eliminate the harmful effects of hemorrhoids on the potency you need to see a specialist proctologist. The doctor will prescribe the necessary examination. In the presence of outer cones are being inspected. Otherwise, you can use ultrasound.

To diagnose hemorrhoids ultrasound is performed on the lumbar. The image can be seen the inflamed area with surface cracks. The complicated process is accompanied by visible nodes. Also specialist examines the localization of hemorrhoids. Sets, whether they put pressure on the prostate gland. Undertake additional blood tests.

After the diagnosis, the specialists prescribe the necessary treatment. Therapy is conducted by several methods:

  • Medical method;
  • The hardware impact;
  • Surgical impact;
  • Correction lifestyle.

At any stage the patient is assigned to medical therapy. For the treatment of hemorrhoids products used for internal and local use. Inside medication aimed at restoring the integrity of the vascular walls. For local use used suppositories and creams. The choice of form depends on the presence of the outer cones. For external hemorrhoids used creams and ointments, interior – candles. Both drugs interfere with the bleeding, pain and swelling.

Hardware effects used in the complication on the potency of men. Uses magnetic influence. The heat generated by the magnets, relieves acute inflammation of the mucous membrane of the intestine, increases the trophic diet of the prostate. Several sessions of this therapy can significantly reduce the detrimental effect of hemorrhoids potency.

Difficult types of the disease, accompanied by bumps and heavy bleeding are eliminated surgically. Modern surgeons use laser knife. It reduces the risk of associated bleeding and accelerates the healing of the surgical field.

In the treatment of hemorrhoids regulated diet men. During therapy is contraindicated reception of alcohol drinks and fried foods. The food should be liquid. The volume portion is reduced, the number of meals increases. Such a diet allows the intestines to work. Also avoid salty and spicy foods. They irritate and cause flatulence. These phenomena hemorrhoids undesirable.