Exercises for penis enlargement

In a sexual relationship for men always have the most important role played by his potency and amount of the penis. Exercises for penis enlargement are one of the most safe and effective methods to increase the diameter and length of manhood. In the truest sense of the word member to stretch or will not stretch, but after a workout will significantly increase its elasticity, it will become better filled with blood, may be new tissue and blood vessels. To achieve similar results only after regular training for several months. They should be preceded by pretreatment, since "dump" on the body from heavy loads impossible.

The training you will reduce the risk of injury and increase the tone of the penis. Only then can you proceed with these exercises as the means at hand, and without them. You should know that some factors can affect the length of the body, e.g., hormones and therefore the endocrine system must always be kept in order. How to enlarge the penis and increase potency, we describe in this article.

The complex of exercises for the penis

Before you start doing exercises, be sure to make the initial measurements were to compare the result. Usually advised to measure the length and girth of the penis in a relaxed and erect state. Try to start training in a good mood, because morale is also important for the result. If you have never performed any jobs, you should start with a warm-up for 10 minutes, followed by stretching, dzhelking and reduction of lobkovo-kopchikovoy muscles.

Exercises to increase penis can be supplemented with folk drugs, medicines, some cosmetics. They will accelerate the onset of the desired effect, to minimize mechanical injury and helps to avoid complications.

For a rookie during warm-up is necessary to prepare the penis for future loads. The male heats tissue and dilates blood vessels to increase the content on blood. There are several ways of heating:

  • Take a clean sock, put it in rice or salt put in the microwave and heat. Then attach a member for 5 minutes
  • At the same time can be applied to the penis a warm towel
  • The heating can be performed if the pre-exercise soak in a hot bath or take a shower
  • Another option is to place the body in a three-liter jar, in the fifth part is filled with boiling water. The neck needs to be covered so that the steam doesn't come out

In the latter case, you must be very careful not to get scalded. The following exercises the first month is better to do through the day, to avoid overtraining (it is fraught with loss of erection). Now let us consider the above 3 kinds of tasks, as well as some others.


Stretching. This is one of the oldest methods of penis enlargement. They must begin with minimum loads, because at first the tissue will not respond to such load. To achieve a good result (from any exercise), is required to comply with such moments:

  1. The sexual organ should be clean, and used fixtures
  2. A man should accept the most convenient pose and choose a convenient time of day for sessions
  3. It is important to repeat classes at the same time with the same duration
  4. We should not forget about pre-heating
  5. Be sure to bring your lube
  6. Perform tasks carefully, if you experience pain, immediately stop

Many people think that during stretching is required to stretch the skin, but it's not. The goal of this exercise is stretching of the corpora cavernosa, and lengthening of the ligaments and accelerating the formation of new cells. It performed with his own hands, the sexual organ should be in a state of rest. Take it with one hand near the head (make the girth of the thumb and forefinger), pull as much from myself, hold this position for 10 seconds. Then release, relax and repeat the activity 10 to 15 times.

If you pull in any other area, without ogoleniya head, it will not bring any results. During the run-time of retention of the penis needs to be increased to 30 seconds. The tension force is also gradually increase. In addition to pull a member from itself, repeat the exercise, extending it similarly right-left and up-down. Periodically hold on and shake them to restore circulation.

There are 2 varieties of exercises: sitting and spinning. The first member must be at about 40% erection, the man gets under his buttocks and gently sits down. This will increase not only length but also width. In the second case, on pulling ourselves over the head, and then turn counterclockwise (circle you need to finish in 5 seconds). Repeat 25 times, then the other side.

Dzhelking. After stretching start Dzhelking, also known as milking. It came to us from the Eastern countries and has a long history. Using this exercise improves the circulation of blood manhood growing in girth and length, eliminates congestion. In the course of the meeting because of the great fullness of the blood can cause cracks, so you must use some sort of cream or lubricant. What are the conditions to be observed in Dzhelking:

  1. Erection should be kept at 50-70%
  2. In the first training exercise you should not bring up the head, as this can damage the dorsal nerve
  3. Movements are performed with two hands, symmetrically and with equal force. Otherwise can lead to distortion of the body
  4. The recommended duration of one movement – 3 seconds

Better to consider the job on videos of exercises for penis enlargement, which abound on the Internet. The technique can be direct, when the hand is under the penis, and backward when a hand reaches out to us in him. Grasping member as in the previous case, only the thumb and forefinger at the base. Now we must head, reaching up to it for 3 seconds. The sexual organ should be parallel to the floor.

After the first limb will come to a head, the second is to wrap it around the base and repeat the motion. Watch your technique, do not make the pressure greater at the base or head. If you notice the formation of bruises, bruising, resume classes only after their healing.

About too much strain for your dignity will say red or black spots on the skin, broken capillaries, lack of erection in the morning or deterioration. Take a break and wait for full recovery, only then continue the exercise.

The first month do 100 repetitions, with a break for a day. The next 2-3 months, increase the number to 120 to 200 and run 2 days in a row and then a break. The force of compression thus need a little boost. After 5 months it is possible to train 3 days with a break of 1 day, the number of repetitions is 300 PCs., and the girth is increased to 5 seconds.

The Kegel Exercise. The last more complex purpose to improve potency than penis enlargement, but without it not to manage. Lobkovo-kopchikovaya muscle, or PC muscle is responsible for contractions during orgasm, stop urination. Her training will allow:

  1. To prevent urogenital diseases
  2. Enhance the potency the stronger sex
  3. Enhance sensation during orgasm
  4. To establish hormonal balance
  5. To learn how to better control ejaculation

If you don't know where exactly is this muscle or can not feel, during a trip to the toilet, try to abruptly stop the stream. The muscle that tensed in the moment, and it is necessary to us. First, try to do 100 cuts, straining for 3 seconds. Schedule of classes are best to do 3 days of exercise and one of rest.


Also when you go to the toilet try to stop and resume the stream. If it turns out bad you have, this shows the weakness of this part of the body. With this exercise you can start, if you still can't hold the tension for 3 seconds and it is impossible to do 100 repetitions. Pay attention:

  1. The power voltage. It is important that it is really audible, but the number of repetitions possible to reduce
  2. The isolation of the job. It is important to stretch only that muscle, and not the neighboring
  3. Breath. Pick the mode of breaths at a voltage that is convenient for you. I.e. when the breath – relaxation, and the output voltage or Vice versa

Use a Kegel exercise, if the man is sick prostatitis, hemorrhoids, suffer from stress urinary incontinence. It can help you prolong sexual intercourse, increase stamina in bed.

Massage. This type of exercises can be performed daily, with it increases the length and diameter of the penis. Before starting the massage be sure to warm up fabric and RUB the skin with oil or cream. There are several types of influences that help to "build" on.

So, you can take it from the bottom of the left hand, and right to make movements like twisting your bubble on a couple of centimeters towards the head. You can also hand to stroke the penis until it reaches erect and then take it from reason to blood a little late. Then tilt the member in different directions, holding for 10 seconds.

Exercises with the use of the devices

Exercises for increasing the thickness of the member or its length could include himself using special devices that fix the penis in stretched condition for a while. The effect of their work usually lasts about 6 hours, and for permanent results it is necessary to work not less than six months. Among the disadvantages of the devices, compared to conventional exercises, it is possible to note the presence of pain, frequency of adverse events, limitations in sex (especially when wearing the extender).

Pump. Distinguish between vacuum and gidropompy. They work by forming a negative pressure in the cylinder, and places a penis. The device is used for medicinal purposes, with erectile dysfunction after recent surgery. Within a couple of hours the member is in tension due to the vacuum, but it can lead to some injury. Side effects of pump can be:

  1. Numbness of body, dryness and darkening of the skin
  2. Pain and bruising
  3. Unnatural sensations during erection
  4. Insufficient hardness of the penis

Do not use pumps if a man takes painkillers, has a predisposition to blood effusion has a tendency to priazmam. Before using the instrument it is advisable to consult a doctor, because when it is selected is required to take into account many individual characteristics. gidropompy considered better vacuum, because it lead to fewer injuries.

Ekstender. Exercises for penis enlargement at home may be right up your Ekstender. The device has 2 fixation points at the base of the body and head. By adjusting the weights, the man increases the tension, and a member for 2-3 hours is in the position of stretching the tissues and ligaments. There are several types of mountings of the device, the most advanced of which is a vacuum.


Exercises to raise potency also very useful for the penis, because improve blood circulation in the pelvis and make the body fitter. It can be conventional squats, leg swings, bridges and steps in place.

To wear the extender suggest 6 to 8 hours, making one break of 15 minutes. Carefully read the usage instructions to avoid injuries. Well follow the instrument and disinfect it periodically.

Contraindications to the classroom

No matter what exercises for penis enlargement was chosen and applied for any devices there are instances when a man should abandon them. Contraindications for training can be:

  1. Diabetes
  2. Clotting of blood
  3. Of sexually transmitted diseases
  4. Inflammatory processes in the genital organs
  5. Oncology
  6. Mental disorders
  7. The presence of wounds, ulcers on the skin

It must be remembered that to deliver partner pleasure you with cock and small size, most importantly – the level of skill and technique. Really think about increase it is only when a man can't spend a full sexual intercourse because of the size of his dignity.