Folk remedies to increase potency in men: herbs, foods, exercises

To cure injured male pride, and at the same time to improve the health of the whole organism and genital system in particular, it is recommended to use to increase potency in men folk remedies: foods, herbs and exercise. In fact, many patented drugs are manufactured based on extracts from plants.

potency in men

Medical research has identified several causes of erectile dysfunction the male sexual organ:

  • diseases of the General plan (atherosclerosis, diabetes, hypertension);
  • diseases of the genitourinary system (prostatitis, prostate adenoma);
  • violations of hormonal levels (especially testosterone);
  • violations of the conditions of the vessels of the penis and pelvic region (the degenerative processes in the blood vessels as a result of alcohol abuse and tobacco Smoking).

These diseases can lead to reduced potency not only after the age of 50-60 years in the 70 – 80% of all cases the onset of "physiological erectile dysfunction", but after 40 years. Often the reason for the decline of sexual function is sedentary work or even sport.

Hormonal disturbances lead to another problem: it violates the mechanism of occurrence of spontaneous (nocturnal) erections. It would seem, a trifle – an unforeseen and unintentional physiological event, but these erections are important for maintaining the reproductive system in a stable state of "readiness to act in the required time".

Folk remedies emergency

If you can raise the potency of folk remedies in 3 days? The healers and say that there are many natural "agents of male power" as a growing, and running around the earth and flying in the air. Many of these tools are included in all international Red books.

The Internet advertised dietary supplements that cause ingesting the active erection. Reviews show that some of these dietary Supplements really help men at the crucial moment. Drop the "Hammer of Thor", containing extracts from marine animals and of the North moss, help the male body's extra to increase testosterone levels, improve blood circulation in the pelvis and develop good potency vitamins a, C, E. the Complex action of drops leads to sustainable and long lasting effect. However, BAD is not the actual cure, but simply temporarily improves a weakened body.

A special thank is the stomach of a camel. Food, which in the old man wakes up youthful zeal, required in extremely small quantities: a piece of meat (5-10 g.) can provide over 4 hours of regular executions of the "marital duties." A few drops of tincture of camel stomach on alcohol (no more than 70 degrees) will do the same work.

Raw oysters are considered to be food, which leads to active sexual contact. Clams contain a lot of zinc and amino acids stimulating increased production of testosterone. In addition, in the body of oysters contains the hormone "dopamine" (aka "dopamine"), calling in the men a sense of sexual desire and pleasure. Doctors do not recommend to abuse the meat of oysters due to their ability to accumulate mercury, but in small quantities this delicacy at a time will increase the willingness and ability of a man to be "sexually active" all night.

Wondering how to increase potency are semi-precious and precious stones. Tourmaline charged from the sun and gives the human body the solar energy in the form of infrared radiation. Manufacturers of linen with inserts guarantee a quick increase in potency in the shortest possible time, doctors and research confirmed these promises: infrared radiation has anti-inflammatory effect and normalizes the condition of blood vessels in the pelvic region.


Treatment infusions, decoctions and ointments containing herbs, helps to eliminate the causes of erectile dysfunction. A big plus of using medicinal herbs to enhance potency in men is the absence of side effects (don't abuse the dosage).


The "root of life", as he calls the rhizome of this plant Asian medicine, is used in the treatment of disorders of potency as a powerful stimulant of all processes in the body. Vasodilator effect exerted on the area of the reproductive system, helps the inflow of arterial blood in the corpora cavernosa. Strengthening and toning effects and prolong the duration of sexual intercourse and reduce fatigue.

Besides, ginseng stimulates the production of hormones (testosterone), normalizes blood sugar and calms the neurotic excitement.

The drug is not recommended in Chinese alcoholic tincture (the alcohol neutralizes the tonic properties of ginseng). It is best to apply the mixture of honey and powdered dry root (700 gr. honey 35 gr. dry matter). For local use (massage) are recommended ointment ginseng extract.


Willow-herb or "fireweed" contains high amounts of vitamins C, b, E, minerals, amino acids, bioflavonoids and pectin. Substances contained in Ivan-tea, anti-inflammatory effect on the organs of the reproductive system, treat BPH and stimulate the production of testosterone.

Tea made from fireweed is used as a sedative. Ivan-tea is rich in iron and manganese, allowing it to be used the broth to increase hemoglobin in the blood and treat anemia.

In dry or fresh form of the plant is so rich in alkaloids (caffeine), it is recommended to take it only in the form of a decoction or tea.


Petrushka for potency

Parsley as a table condiment used in almost all cuisines of the world, where you can grow grass in the garden. In folk medicine, parsley is used as a tonic, reducing the level of "female hormones" estrogen and normalizing the density of blood vessels. Vitamin C contained in a larger amount than the lemon, supports the immune system men.

Therapeutic cloning uses all parts of the plant both in fresh and in dried form. 100 grams of fresh herbs will give men the body needs to stimulate the endocrine system and increase potency.


Stinging nettle (medicinal) is used in the treatment of disorders of potency as a holistic medicine: treating prostatitis as an anti-inflammatory, strengthens the small blood vessels of the penis, increases the level of red blood cells, inhibits the growth of prostatic adenoma. The seeds of the plant pounded and mixed with fresh banana, used in food as an enhancer of sexual arousal.

As raw materials for decoctions are used all plant parts, especially roots and seeds. The leaves can be used in food as a vitamin salad (nettle very high content of vitamins A, C, E).

Lemongrass far East

The number of biologically active substances of schisandra far distant from ginseng. In the treatment of male problems, the plant is used as a tonic, a sedative with nervousness and stimulator of sperm production.

For the preparation of medicinal infusions and teas berries (the seeds contain essential oils) and leaves of lemongrass. Dried berries contain many active substances that 10-15 minutes after I eat 3-5 berries, you can experience a burst of energy and excitement.


Ginger root contains essential oil, alkaloids, vasodilator substances. Tincture of ginger vodka contains these substances in a dissolved form, so it can be used as local friction, or taken orally (dissolved in tea).

What to eat to increase the potency

Diet for men experiencing difficulties with erections should contain products to increase potency: vegetables, fish and lean meat.

Some vegetables are used in folk medicine as drugs for the treatment of "male problems". But than wouldn't have to feed the man, the owner needs to remember – all fried and greasy affect the level of potency to the same extent as the shock dose of alcohol. The body throws all the forces on the digestion of heavy foods.


Turnip is one of the oldest cultivated vegetables. The vegetable contains vitamins b, C, A, PP, polysaccharides and trace elements (zinc, iron, manganese, iodine and copper). The root contains rare among vegetable compound has antibacterial and anticancer properties.

For the treatment of erectile dysfunction using fresh or stewed root vegetables. Salad of shredded turnips mixed with carrots can have a firming effect within 3-4 days. In folk medicine, there is a recipe to increase potency, in which the seeds of turnip pounded, mixed with honey and taken before the main meals. But the usual side dish of boiled turnip greens provides the male body action, similar to the reception of the seed: improves potency and increases libido.


Even the ancient Romans knew that the bow can exert on a man a stimulating effect. Ordinary eggs with fried onions dish is considered to be conducive to a spontaneous increase in potency.

The alkaloids contained in the root cause in male increased sexual desire. French onion soup is considered a full-fledged aphrodisiac, but only if they eat in front of the date.



Walnut, almond, hazelnut, filbert, peanut – food, rich in vitamin of "fertility", E, b vitamins necessary to the nervous system to maintain the effective conduct nerve impulses.

To increase potency in recommended mixtures of nuts with honey and dried fruit. Boiled in honey and nuts are considered a delicacy, aphrodisiac, not only male potency...


The diet of men, which is concerned with the health of his reproductive system and potency in particular, it must be sea fish. The most useful are flounder and mackerel.

The flesh of flounder contain natural aphrodisiacs that increase male libido. The meat of this fish is not greasy, rich in vitamins, amino acids and trace elements, is considered a dietary product.

Mackerel is useful for men suffering from testosterone deficiency: meat contains fatty omega -3 and omega-6 acids involved in the synthesis of the hormone. Not recommended for fish baked or broiled. The maximum dietary and therapeutic effect is manifested in the use of fish, steamed or cooked in minimal amount of water.

Exercises and massage to increase potency

Exercises to increase potency aimed at improving the blood circulation in the pelvic area and the development of "muscle potency" (pubic-coccygeal muscles) and carried out at home. Physical exercise not only prevents erection problems, but may help in the elimination of existing violations.

The complex consists of 7 exercises:

  1. The rotation of the pelvis. In the rack "feet shoulder width" rotate hips right and left (10 movements in each direction).
  2. "Front step". Stepping in place, alternately lift the knees to the stomach.
  3. "Hold the stone". In stand on slightly bent legs a few times strongly tighten your glutes.
  4. "The bridge". Lying on your back, raise the lumbar and pelvic area of the body. Support are distributed on pressed to the floor your shoulders and feet.
  5. "Cycling". Lying on your back and resting in a half bent legs, lift the back and step alternately with the feet, as if pedaling a Bicycle.
  6. "Training the muscles of potency". Lying on your back and resting your feet on the floor, badly strain a muscle (10-15 times).
  7. "The cleaner". The second exercise of the pubic-coccygeal muscles. Sitting on a chair, bend the area between the scrotum and anal area, trying not to use the gluteal muscles (10-15 times).

The complex of these exercises, especially the last two, will greatly strengthen erectile function and even will allow you to control the duration of erection.

Prostate massage is a therapeutic and prophylactic effects to increase potency and is performed by a specialist urologist. The procedure for the first time is carried out with the aim of obtaining secretions from the prostate for testing. Further repeated to improve the conductivity of the ducts.