How beer affects on male potency: beer impotence

High – availability of a beer belly, but for fans of the froth product is a small inconvenience does not play a big role. In fact, the effect of beer on the potency in men fairly large. Therefore, it is necessary to talk in more detail on this topic.

beer impotence


Unfortunately, the beer and the potency of words antonyms. Beer destroys the system of men and to bring imbalance in the hormones. And the reason is one ingredient – hops. Alcohol itself disrupts the systems and organs and this much is said and written. But the beer deserves special attention.

No hops to make a drink is impossible. The plant gives the taste and alluring aroma. Here only it is a stimulant of the female hormones estrogen. Nature is struggling to help the man to maintain harmony with the body and health. At the same hops as in the form of tinctures, or in raw form or in the beer beverage helps produce a large quantity of the hormone. If a woman will drink beer product, its appearance will only get better. While much discomfort to feel she will not. Within 24 hours the female body produces estrogens shares of milligrams, but it's enough to make a woman feel wonderful. This dose in the male body can disrupt hormonal balance. Now let's answer it: "does beer on the potency of men if it is several times more estrogen than normal, even for women?" The answer will be disappointing.

An overabundance of the hormone in the female body can disrupt the endocrine system leading to obesity, the emergence of a large amount of hair, but about the birth of a nutritious baby, you can forget. But what of the man? Complete loss of testosterone.

But there is still beer not containing alcohol. As a non-alcoholic beer will affect male potency? The alcohol and the hops presence is absolutely not interconnected. In this form the foam product in any case will have phytoestrogens, and therefore, the female hormone will prevail. If the time to stop, to normalize the levels of estrogen with or without the help of medicines is possible.


In men, having a big belly, it is called beer. Also drink leads to obesity and increased belly – just the beginning. The harm of beer doesn't end:

  • chest muscle is gradually transformed into female;
  • libido is significantly reduced;
  • problems with erectile function.

The most frequent problems in this regard arose in two countries: the Czech Republic and Germany. Proverbs and sayings of the two Nations confirm that the effect of beer on the potency detrimental.

The process of modification begins immediately: first, fat is deposited on hips and waist, then goes to the stomach, forming it into a huge ball, and only through time the muscle tissue loses its form and is replaced by fat. So the stronger sex the problem starts with the hormonal background, which turns into a female. And it says what will happen at first partial and then complete loss of interest in sex life. Then the inability to conceive and impotence. Data two Hobbies beer treatment alone can not be as easy as we would like.


Does beer on the potency at once or gradually? Is it possible to avoid problems, but do not stop using drink? If everything was so simple, the doctors and scientists would not beat the alarm, and gave the men options of compatibility of beer and any herbal remedies. But, alas. This is not a beer, and the potency of men can not be combined.

Need to know! Most of all promotes the production of female hormones beer dark varieties. It adds much more hops, which gives a bitter-sweet taste.

It begins with the fact that there is alcohol only beer. The term appeared recently, as it increased the number of beer lovers. Dependence on the beverage occurs quickly, and after a few months the man starts instead of the glass of 0.5 liters to drink up to 5 liters a day. Though the drink is alcoholic, but in the liters of beer contains as much alcohol as in the 40-degree beverage (50 g). If you drink during the day, 2 and a half liters of beer, then this is equivalent to 250 grams of vodka. Taken "spoil" beer in hot weather, but the combination of sun + beer gives a blow on the hormonal background and liver.

And also:

  • there is a problem with the cardiovascular system. Is called "beer heart". Since beer affects the potency especially in adolescents, the syndrome often appears in adolescence. Thus after 20 years, the boys suffer from varicose veins, and weak erection;
  • fans of dark, consuming it in large quantities, suffer much more often than the followers of light drink. Change not only the shape of the breast or belly appears. Changes occur in the tone of voice, gait, and even behavior. They can throw a fit for no reason. Body hair disappears, and the skin becomes more delicate and soft. Fails not at the level of hormones, and in genetics;
  • loving the beer in large volumes, but in the beginning of his addiction can conceive. But a healthy child can not be named as due to the father can occur genetic disorders. So after puberty a boy will be more like a girl, and the daughter to get closer to the mind of the stronger sex.


Finding out how beer affects the potency of men is left to wonder at the reticence of manufacturers of beer drinks. Them with every day to become more like addicted to the product. But in stores there is virtually no natural beer.

A large part of the foamy drink made from powder and other preservatives that have nothing to do with hops or malt. It is on this bet: if there is no natural products, no problem.

Unfortunately, problems remain and deliver much more if were a part of the natural products and restore hormonal disturbances have only a medicamentous way.