The effect of Smoking on potency

Men rarely think about their health. This includes the question of how Smoking affects the potency. As long as their strength begins to fail.

When you have problems with potency, everyone wants to understand what caused such changes and how to influence them, returning to its former strength.

Smoking and potency

How Smoking affects the potency

There is no global promotion of Smoking cessation in the world is still not carried out: it is not profitable to the companies producing cigarettes and pharmaceutical corporations that earn their money on drugs from diseases of the cardiovascular system.

However, no one doubts that Smoking with the experience causes erectile dysfunction.

If at the end of the 20th century, the diagnosis of psychogenic impotence put half of the patients who found no organic pathology, but now the achievements of science allow us to examine the blood vessels, blood flow, determine the degree of narrowing, if any.

By experiments and constructing scientific hypotheses, the doctors and scientists came to the conclusion that the nicotine and tar contained in cigarettes, affect the vascular system of a person. And ischemia in the organs always mean a violation of their functioning.

Erection process, directly showing the status of the vascular system. If the blood stream of the sexual organs altered under the influence of any factors, the blood filling the corpus cavernosum is insufficient or is absent.

The effect of nicotine on the body

Nicotine causes severe physical and psychological dependence. With each smoked a cigarette need to nicotine increases.

If you are not a smoker person smoke 20 cigarettes a day, he will get a strong intoxication, including the threat of life. A smoker for more than 10 years this might seem a little.

Getting into the body through the respiratory system, nicotine binds to nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, which are found in the Central nervous system.

Under the action of acetylcholine activates the sympathetic nervous system. The blood receives a large amount of adrenaline.

Moreover, nicotine stimulates the production of dopamine – a neurotransmitter responsible for the activation of pleasure centers in the brain.

As a result, under the action of nicotine in the body the following changes occur:

  1. Adrenaline causes vasoconstriction of the microvasculature throughout the body. Proven: 1 cigarette causes spasm of blood vessels for 15 minutes
  2. Acts as a psychostimulant
  3. Causes a feeling of relaxation
  4. Results in a euphoric state
  5. Increased need for food, increases the appetite
  6. Body weight is usually reduced

Disease, developing as a result of Smoking:

  1. Hyperglycemia may diabetes formation
  2. Hypertension
  3. Atherosclerotic changes of vessels
  4. Increase heart rate
  5. Failure heart rhythm
  6. Coronary heart disease – a consequence of atherosclerosis
  7. Angina
  8. Myocardial infarction
  9. Impotence

Addiction is not only physical but also psychological.

Withdrawal symptoms are poorly tolerated by men. Many, a few dozen times trying to quit, but to no avail.

Actually if you have good incentive, quitting Smoking is almost imperceptibly, but many people do not realize all the harm to health caused by cigarettes.

The main problem faced by men in the process of quitting – withdrawal symptoms, that is withdrawal syndrome. It occurs in the form of a whole group of unpleasant feelings: irritability, apathy, disturbances of concentration, the desire to smoke. It the craving for cigarettes need to overcome.

Nicotine is in the composition not the first place in danger. Resin, fragrances, carbon monoxide – are carcinogenic substances that cause cancer of the lungs, mouth, and lips. CO2 in the body causes depression of the respiratory center, compensatory vasoconstriction.



Cigarette with multiple parties hitting on male health:

  • When Smoking cigarettes is vascular spasm throughout the body.

Scientists put experiments: volunteers were divided into two groups.

Men in the first group smoked 1 cigarette.

Furthermore, all participants investigated the state of blood flow in the genitals and the development of an erection.

The results showed: in the group where Smoking, the blood flow in the pelvis was slowed down, the erection came late, was sluggish and ejaculation occurs earlier than in the group of "Smoking".

  • Smoking, like any addiction, reduces libido.

Sexual desire is weakened, and then completely disappearing. When you try to give up bad habits which are deteriorating, there is irritability and apathy.

Even long established relationships may falter under the action of such problems. Therefore, quitting Smoking must be all relatives to provide moral support.

  • Influence of cigarettes leads to the development of chronic bronchitis.

Constantly irritation of the bronchi stimulates excess production of viscous mucus and swelling of the bronchial wall.

The conductivity of air is disrupted, the body is under constant hypoxia. Such people constantly cough, especially in the morning.

The lack of oxygen affects the reproductive system the synthesis of testosterone is reduced, the potency drops.

  • Resin that gets into the lung, did not appear.

They accumulate in the course of a lifetime, interfering with the time of diffusion of gases in alveolus. This becomes another cause of respiratory failure.

Develops shortness of breath even at low load, on the sexual act in such a situation can not speak.

  • Nicotine, tar and substances that are released when the smoldering cigarette have a mutagenic effect on the sperm cells, reduce the number of motile gametes.

But an increasing number of sedentary forms with defects of the structure, not capable of fertilization.

When planning for posterity should think about quitting Smoking, it will improve the sperm count, thus the chances of conceiving a healthy baby will increase significantly.

The time of development of irreversible changes

Of course, the harmful effects of cigarettes are not immediately.

On average, the effects of Smoking on potency begins to manifest itself after 5 years. A pathological phenomena appear gradually, not everyone will be able to evaluate the state functions prior to Smoking and after a certain period of time.

So when men have erection dysfunction, the rehabilitation period may be longer.

The smoker with the experience of 5 years required half a year to a noticeable positive developments in the functioning of vessels and, consequently, began to recover potency.

With longer duration of use of cigarettes, the results will have to wait longer. But in conjunction with proper diet and sports recovery of potency will occur faster.

...For example, a smoker 5 years the renewal will take several months, and after 15-20 years of Smoking three times as much.

Why you should quit Smoking

When there will be "withdrawal" from nicotinic receptors to stimulate the circulation restored respiratory function returns to normal. Gradually, the symptoms of bronchitis cropped.

Many men note a reduction in blood pressure without the use of medication.


Rules for quitting is simple: to drop, it is necessary to gradually reduce the dose of nicotine.

You can use a patch, special pills. A weight gain, it will prevent regular exercise and diet.

Several options, how will your life change after quitting Smoking:

  1. To exercise will be much easier. Will the shortness of breath, dizziness and fatigue. You are less likely to suffer headaches. And climb to the 9th floor the stairs will not be any problems.
  2. There is no dependence on cigarettes. The craving will go away with time, and free time can be spent on vacation with friends or family.
  3. Quitting Smoking – a significant savings. The money saved can be spent on a gym or equipment for sports.
  4. You will cease to poison others with smoke. Passive Smoking is even more dangerous than usual. More all suffer from a little children.
  5. If long it is impossible to conceive, and the doctors shrug, you should try to stop Smoking. Chances will increase.
  6. Sexual desire will increase, erections will be more persistent and prolonged and without the psychostimulant actions of nicotine, the pleasure of proximity becomes more pronounced.

But! Potency after Smoking cessation may not recover. Too many factors influence it.

Perhaps you should think about losing weight or changing jobs to a more calm.

However, the daily intoxication with nicotine and other ingredients in cigarettes, can not be and speeches about men's health. So let quitting Smoking be the first step toward longevity and strong male potential.