How realistic is it to increase the potency after 60?

Many men during his life wondered improve the potency, but increased potency in men after 60 – a particularly relevant topic for people of Mature age. Over time the nature of the sexual life of men is changing. The achievement of advanced age should not mean the end of privacy, she should just move on to the next stage of its development.

Increased potency in men after 60

Peculiarities of sexual life after 60

Men aged 60 years or more should not be afraid of sexual relations and neglect them. At this age the sexual life should be measured, regular and consistent.A feature of the sexual lives of older men is the changing nature of sexual relations between spouses. Caress become quiet and restrained coloring, the young ardor and passion are replaced by attentive and caring attitude towards the partner.

Despite the fact that until the sixth or seventh decade in men persists at a high level, libido, hormones are produced in smaller quantities, and this requires more substantial effort.

Sex hormone begins to produce smaller amounts after 30 years, and after 70 years, its level in the blood is reduced by half. The rate of decrease testosterone level are highly individual. So the man even at 80 years old can save his manhood.

Proper diet for better erection

The first step to recovery of potency after 60 years is the revision of the diet. Representatives of the stronger sex should give this issue of paramount importance. It is necessary to reduce consumption of foods high in cholesterol. Because it adversely affects the cardiac and vascular systems, which leads to problems with potency. The basis of preparation of diet a proper diet must go to the following principles:

  • It is necessary consumption of fruits and vegetables, honey, nuts, legumes, low-fat dairy products, lean fish and veal, poultry and wholegrain cereals, oils of vegetable origin.
  • Foods high in cholesterol should be limited. Most of the cholesterol in lard, fatty meat and fish, liver, kidneys. The use of eggs, cream, butter, sausages and sour cream you want to reduce. At the same time, avoiding foods with cholesterol is not necessary.
  • It is not recommended to consume salt more than 5-6 g per day, excessive abuse of savoury threatens to increase in blood pressure.
  • If the potency of 60 years, debilitated, doctors recommend eating foods that contribute to its increase. Should the use of garlic and onions, seafood, bananas, pomegranates.
  • We must not forget that foods containing potassium and magnesium good for the heart. Well saturate the body with these substances bananas, grapes, potatoes, eggplant and zucchini.
  • Not recommended excessive use of salt food, they contribute to raising blood pressure.
  • Strong coffee drinks and tea, and carbonated sugar water should be replaced with green or herbal tea, fresh juices. Alcohol may be present only in small doses, it is better if it will be a small amount of red wine.

Men's health after age 60 helps to restore not only the diet and properly planned diet and gentle physical exercise and sports.

Food for potency

Physical activity to increase potency

Because health in adulthood is not like young men. Can be diseases, including chronic nature, therefore, the selection of physical activity cannot be ignored this fact. After 60 years, the essential sports in the moderate regime with regular monitoring of pressure and pulse rate.

Continuous and regular exercise of a moderate nature will help control weight, reduce cholesterol in the blood, also will increase the potency of men after 60 years.

The older men are forbidden a serious physical workout. Should not engage in those sports that require large resources of the body and effort, it is better to avoid strength training using simulators, it is not necessary to be run intensively.

Useful for men's health after 60 years are yoga and swimming, can enjoy Nordic walking, morning exercise will also be useful. The pace of the exercise should be moderate, during class you need to follow your feelings, pay attention to health.

How to increase the potency in 60 years with exercise? Experts identify several effective exercises, including:

  • Aerobic classes, they normalize blood flow, which helps not only the emergence of an erection, but contributes to its preservation. These classes encourage blood flow to the organs heart, lungs and help to improve the potency. With the help of aerobic exercises and proper deep breathing you can increase and normalize blood flow, improving sexual function;
  • Exercises for the pelvic muscles. These activities help not only women, but also recommended to the men. They will help to improve their sex life. Men as classes to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, you must stop during a visit to the toilet the process of urination, and then abruptly stretch and relax the muscles 35-50 times, do the exercise up to 3 times a day;
  • Kundalini yoga helps to regain sexual energy into adulthood. It improves the work of muscles and also known for its ability to enhance sexual desire. In the Arsenal of this yoga have different poses, among which the Cobra pose, butterfly, and others. For those who have decided to practice yoga, you need not forget about the precautions, start with simple exercises and increase the load gradually.

Not worth doing more than an hour a day. To exercise did not cause serious health damage, you need to seek the prior advice of a physician.

Mature potency – long abstinence is contraindicated

Lets examine in more detail how to increase the potency in 60 years with regular sex. Doctors in one voice say that a regular and active sex life allows to preserve sexual function to 80 years or even more.

At a young age long sexual abstinence is not as bad as in Mature. To potency 60 faded, breaks in a few months is contraindicated. Studies have shown that a week, that older men should be from 1 to 5 sexual acts.

It is necessary that the partner was active for the stimulation of genitals of the man in Mature age. This is due to the fact that after 5o years men reach the point of sexual arousal more slowly than in younger age. A man of manipulation of a sexual nature have a greater impact than a fantasy, which have a stimulating effect on young people. The wife should be a helpmate to her husband in the sexual sphere.

In case of occurrence of erectile dysfunction need to speak with his partner. If you remain silent and succumb sullen mood, the situation can only get worse. You can be distracted, for example, to discuss what can be caused by such a situation. Maybe there are worries about the kids or problems at work. When the cause of erectile dysfunction will be identified, it will be easier to eliminate them.

Yoga for potency

Not necessary at the first failure to resort to medication. It is not recommended to try to increase the duration of sex. Every representative of a strong half of mankind has good resources opportunities in the sexual sphere. But if you forget, then you can lose male functions and in the future it will be impossible to do without the help of medications.

If you encounter problems with sexual function is necessary to observe the main rule – the potency improve with practice. Regular sex life is the best way to save and restore potency.

If erectile dysfunction is observed too often, you cannot start the problem, without any constraint to visit a doctor.

What else can affect virility in 60 years?

Doctors say that up to 45 years issues erectile function lie in the mental and psychological state, and after 45 erectile dysfunction may be caused by vascular disease, so you should eliminate the common diseases of the body. The most effective way to improve the potency after 60 years, is a qualified assistance professional who will help in the fight against diseases typical of people of Mature age.

Wondering how to increase erectile function after 60 years, one cannot ignore the other aspects. The potency is not only in Mature, but at any age, affected by stress, overwork.

For the recovery of erectile function, you need to devote sufficient time to sleep, to reduce stress, maintain a healthy lifestyle to exclude alcohol and especially drugs, to quit Smoking.

Before you start taking any medicines consult with the doctor as some medications may adversely affect potency. You must visit a urologist in cases where the injury or surgery in the pelvic area. In diseases of diabetes also need to consult a urologist.

Follow these simple rules and principles will allow a long time to preserve the potency even in old age and enjoy sex life for many years.