Improving the potency of exercises to enhance potency

Muscle subordinated to the nerve that controls the activity of the genital organs and anus, so it realizes the connection between them and the brain. If she has the power, is the generator of life and sexual energy that the conversion process stimulates the production of hormones responsible for the feeling of satisfaction and joy.

exercises to increase potency

Physical exercise to enhance potency

In order not to become hostage to the worst enemy of male impotence associated with a complete or partial lack of erection, needed at the first signs to seek a competent doctor who will help to restore the former level of potency with drugs and special exercises. According to doctors, special exercises to enhance potency (videos can be found on the Internet) can return a man's strength, provided that to fulfill their man will constantly and treat them with the utmost seriousness.

Exercise # 1

To perform the first exercise, a man should sit on a stool and put feet on width of shoulders. Arms bent at the elbows and down. During this exercise, the anus together with the buttocks first compress, then relax. Man breathes with your nose, with little noise on the inhale and exhale. This procedure strengthens the urogenital system and rectum. This exercise is good because it can be carried anytime and anywhere.

Exercise # 2

The second exercise is performed while standing. Slightly bent at the knees, feet at shoulder width, hands hold the waist. For this exercise, you must be naked, so make it better in private. For each approach is given 3 minutes, during which they will perform the sharp movements of the pelvis forward and backward. These movements are accompanied by the rocking of the genital organs. While each approach is executed 7 such movements, followed by a recommended 30 seconds rest. During the day performed 5-6 of these approaches. This exercise is very effective to increase potency, and is also recommended in the postoperative period.

Exercise # 3

As during the execution of the second exercise to enhance potency (the video will help you to perform this exercise correctly) you need to be naked and in private. Sit on his haunches, and as hard as you can tighten up the scrotum, drawing the belly and buttocks. Inhale quickly, exhale maximally relax your stomach and buttocks. Do 7 approaches every 30 seconds. Good results are obtained with this exercise when abnormalities in the development of the testicles. A man in a pose "dog"

Exercise # 4

To perform this exercise sit on the floor, bending your knees. Hands positioned on the knees and relax. Do a quick breath, exposing the forward left shoulder. While left buttock lift and straighten your left leg. Calmly exhale, straightening the whole body. Lower the buttocks on the floor and bend the leg. Together with the right shoulder forward, straighten right leg. Repeat 10 times. That's one approach, which total is 13-15 with a break of 60 seconds.

Exercise # 5

This exercise is performed lying on the back. Pre-warm to warm, place your right hand under his head, and his left hand on the genitals. Pull the anus, while straining legs. Squeeze and pull the genitals. Make 5-7 approaches 15-20 extrusions.

Exercise # 6

Sit on the floor, back straight. On the right leg, place left foot and complete the movement. The same run by changing the position of the feet. Do 5 sets of 30 exercises on each leg.

Exercise # 7

For exercise, take any position: sitting, lying, standing. First prepare the anus for 15-20 seconds, then relax it. Perform 10 reps with a break of half a minute.

Exercise # 8

In the process of this exercise, walk in place 30 seconds, keeping the body straight, bending at the elbows, 30 seconds rest. Do 5-6 approaches.

Exercise # 9

This exercise promises potency, provided it is performed correctly. To do this, sit facing the back of the chair and slowly rotate the pelvis. When you inhale working your abdominal muscles and exhale quickly pull in the anus. 1 time inhale and exhale during each rotation. Each approach takes about a minute. The total number approaches 15 times.

Exercise # 10

Turn your face to the wall, push it with the fingers of both hands. Not tearing off socks from a floor, do the course from foot to foot. Each approach at 30 seconds, 10 sets. Exercise to increase potency No. 11 Lying on his back, half bend your legs, arms freely along the body, the feet rest on the floor. Ten times the maximum lift your pelvis up, pause — 2 minutes. The required number of approaches -7 times.

All these exercises are beneficial to men's health, because they improve blood circulation in the pelvic area and strengthen the muscles involved in erection. With regular performance of exercise, the benefits begin after 3-4 weeks. Men of any age, with a weak or normal potency can make this complex, which also has a preventive effect on the male reproductive system.

Exercises for harder erections

Erectile problem and weak potency are mostly concerned about the stronger sex in any age category. They can be detected even without reasons, but the result of this dysfunction is the decrease of interest in sex, lack of rapid erection in the morning and at night, soft the penis, weakening erection. Exercises to increase erection To how to stop negative effects on the body such sexual disorders, you need to take some action, but rather a complex of measures, which would include the treatment prescribed by your doctor, exercise, medication and so on. And only such a comprehensive solution will help to overcome erectile dysfunction in men. If you want to get a good effect, you should do exercise every day. According to experts, exercise helps everyone, without exception, men. According to the study, even the most simple exercises like squeezing your vaginal muscles are able to tone the male force of approximately 35 percent.

Consider effective and useful exercises For the first exercise you need to take a standing position with her hands down. Begin to walk, while raising the knees very high and hold them to the abdomen. When performing exercises your back needs to keep a very straight and the hands should be lowered. Stand up straight, hands put on the belt. Slowly begin to bend both knees alternately, while tense and relax the gluteal muscles, as if held with them. After squats again stand in a position that was initially, however, the knees not to bend. You need to lie on your back, legs bent at the knees so that the feet do not touch the floor, hands placed on the floor near the body. Slowly sit up and lift the pelvis. Stand straight, knees slightly bend. Run on one and the same place, besides heading straight heels, socks do not tear off from the floor.

Exercise should be done quickly for about a minute. Sit on a chair, straighten the shoulders and a little bit going forward. Imagine that the chair needs to collect the rump, using only the area between the testicles to the anus. Accept position as in exercise number three. Slightly spreading the legs and begin to stretch and relax the muscles of penis. Gluteal muscles while performing this exercise should be relaxed as much as possible. An important point in this exercise, not the number of approaches and stress intensity needed by the muscles.

When performing any of these exercises, the main feature is to increase the load every day. Start with 10 approaches. The effect of this set of exercises can be felt after a couple of days.