Products to increase potency in men instant action

Potency is the ability of men to sexual intercourse, and it depends on certain factors, among which special attention deserves the diet. It is therefore necessary to discuss the products that increase potency in men instantly, because to underestimate the proper nutrition in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and prophylaxis of impotence in any case impossible.


The diet of a modern representative of the stronger sex are often far from perfect. Many men are fed uniformly and randomly, and are added to food seasonings and sauces rich with flavor enhancers and harmful synthetic concentrates, abuse of fatty, fried, smoked food, sweet, drink soda, drink alcohol. And I must say that under the influence of the negative factors that plague the environment, man's health from year to year is becoming more and more unstable, and improper diet poor quality products exacerbates the problem, creating in the male body deficiency of necessary vitamin or element, and such conditions lead to erectile dysfunction, reduced fertility and even impotence – full sexual powerlessness.

The dependence of the potency of vitamins

Before you discuss the foods that increase the potency in men instantly, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the potency depends on the quantity and quality of nutrients that enter the body with food. Direct impact on it have vitamins a, E, C and the minerals zinc and selenium.

  • Food rich in vitamin A (beta-carotene, retinol), has a beneficial effect on the immune system men enhance sexual ability, improve male fertility. And to say that the recommended daily allowance of vitamin A for adult men is around 5,000 IU.
  • Vitamin E (tocopherol) affects the production of hormones in the male body. To maintain optimal hormone levels, which ensure the healthy functioning of the testes and seminiferous tubules, male should consume 12-15 mg of vitamin E each day.
  • Known antioxidant and a means of strengthening the immune system – vitamin C improves the potency of men, affecting the pituitary's production of hormone responsible for libido. This hormone is called dopamine. In addition, it stabilizes and activates consumed by man tocopherol.
  • B vitamins nourish and strengthen the nervous system men, as well as increase the stress, what is the key to a successful sex life, and in addition, the vitamins in this group improve the ability of cells of the nervous system to conduct impulses.
  • Thiamine (B1), in turn, relieves fatigue, provides energy to the brain and peripheral nervous system.
  • We need to discuss how affects the body nicotinic acid (Niacin, vitamin B3) , because it strengthens the blood vessels, including the vessels that provide blood to the tissues of the penis responsible for erection.
  • Folic acid (B9) is included in almost every vitamin "for men" because this vitamin is involved in the production of the hormones norepinephrine and serotonin, increases stamina, improves overall health, so it can be found in almost all foods that increase the potency of men instantly, infographics usually contains complete information on this subject, therefore, to ignore such data is not necessary.

What foods increase the potency?


There is a fairly large range of food products that have beneficial and practically immediate effect on the potency, so discussing products to enhance potency in men instant action should pay special attention to those outlined below.

  • Seafood — shrimp, squid and oysters are famous for their ability to increase the libido and make a man an incomparable lover. The famous Casanova claimed that the recipe indefatigabilities in bed is very simple: oysters and only oysters. The secret lies in that seafood contains huge amounts of selenium and zinc, without which no full-time job of the prostate is the production of a sufficient number of active sperm and higher libido.
  • Dairy products is among others derived from milk products sour cream has been famous for potency. It is a strong natural aphrodisiac rich in vitamins A, E and b group, which are directly involved in testosterone production. In addition, the cream contains a lot of zinc, also essential for the synthesis of a sufficient amount of the male sex hormone. Regular use of this product provides the body with men magnesium, calcium, potassium and iodine, beneficial proteins and organic acids.
  • Honey for the potency of men is extremely important, especially in combination with nuts. This is due to the high content of b vitamins, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron and other trace elements. To maintain high potency should daily eat a few spoons of honey, add it to tea, milk and other dishes. Particularly effective in increasing sexual abilities operates the honey obtained from the pollens of the flowers of plants that are considered aphrodisiacs, for example, Jasmine or marjoram. Moreover, honey is the best folk remedy for potency instant action, especially with nuts, so it needs to be literally in each house.
  • Meat and fish. As meat recommended lean beef, chicken, Turkey, rabbit. With respect to fish I must say that the most useful for male power are mackerel and flounder, because they contain a large number involved in the synthesis of testosterone vitamin E and minerals that can increase libido. The fish should be boiled or stewed. To enhance the positive effect on virility of meat and fish dishes should be seasoned with onion, garlic and Cayenne pepper which is also known as powerful aphrodisiacs.

Herbs for potency

It is impossible to underestimate the role of herbs for the restoration of male power that were used in everyday life of people in ancient times. Discussing herbs that increase potency in men instantly, it is worth to start the story with the magical properties of ginseng root, which has a complex effect on the body. Ginseng is not only a powerful stimulator of the libido, its action also aims at awakening the desire and increasing enjoyment. The root of this plant contains substances that promote vasodilatation and improve blood supply to the penis that has an impact on the development and retention of erection. The systematic use of ginseng for medicinal purposes leads to increased sperm count and greater sperm motility, the entire reproductive system begins to work more efficiently.

Separately need to talk about Ivan-tea, which is also called fireweed. The composition of the Ivan-tea extremely rich in vitamins C, a and b group, it contains over 70 different trace minerals, 18 amino acids, bioflavonoids, pectin. All this enables fireweed to successfully cleanse the body of harmful substances, to refresh and rejuvenate, to fight with various diseases and to normalize the male sexual activity. Stimulation of the endocrine system promotes the production of testosterone, and the improvement of hematopoiesis promotes better blood flow to the genitals. Ivan-tea has a mild sedative effect, helps to cope with the effects of stress, which often negatively affects men's sexual possibilities.

calamus root

Men use calamus root to stimulate production of seminal fluid, and as a means that leads to the intensification of potency. For therapeutic purposes they chew small piece of root for example chewing gum or prepare tinctures, teas and decoctions based on it. It contains contains significant amounts of gum, ascorbic acid, camphor, and tannin.

Finally, you say that herbs to increase potency in men instant action is necessary to buy in checked places, and to use correctly, because only in this case, you can count on obtaining a positive effect and restore the "male power".