Foods that instantly boost sexual potency in men

products increase the potency

Male potency is a topic of many scientific papers. Today to get a magic pill that can improve potency, are specialists in different areas: urologist, endocrinologist, neurologist and others. They are all directly claim that there are certain foods that increase sweating in men instantly . In the diet of modern men is no proper food. Most guys do not adhere to a certain system in the food, use sauces, dressings, and unhealthy preservatives. All of this adversely affects not only male potency, but also on the organism as a whole. Will consider which products should be included in the diet each Casanova.


This product is a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals. It contains protein of vegetable origin, esters of, cellulose.

Men are shown these types of nuts:

  • walnut
  • almonds
  • pistachios
  • cedar

Due to the rich composition and increased amount of amino acids nuts improve circulation, have a beneficial effect on potency.

Nuts you can replace prunes or sunflower seeds.

To increase male power can be with the old folk recipe. Walnut crush, mix with honey. Make the composition 20 g once a day. This is best done before going to sleep for 3 hours.

walnut boosts virility


Seafood is a real salvation for guys that passed their position in bed, and surprise your companion they fail. The uniqueness of seafood for men in that their composition contains a lot of iodine and easily digestible proteins. To enhance erection suitable caviar and oysters. Caviar contains a lot of folic acid and proteins.

To eat caviar is important not only men but also women who are about to become a mother.

Oysters are rich in the hormone dopamine. It stimulates libido. There is still zinc. It boosts testosterone levels. The role of iron – saturate tissues with oxygen.


This product is balanced, contains the following components: protein, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals.

Eating raw eggs is prohibited, as this affects their digestibility. In addition, this method increases the risk of infection with microbes and salmonella, which are concentrated on the surface of the shell.

The composition of the egg contains cholesterol. It is important for the male body, as it acts as a building material for hormones. While reducing the level of cholesterol lowered testosterone levels. A high concentration of cholesterol is more dangerous. Excess cholesterol concentrated on the walls of blood vessels. Through time it will lead to atherosclerosis and embolism.

For a long time there is controversy among nutritionists about what is the daily rate of eggs for men who have lost their sexual power. Often administered 1 egg a day or 2 eggs every 2 days.


meat for good potency

How would it not sound strange, but the meat is a perfect tool for improving sexual activity men. Of course, if you eat it in large quantities, it will lead to congestion of the stomach. Then the blood flow will go to the organ of digestion, so before sex it never comes. But with moderate consumption of meat, the potency of men increases.

Want to be a real Casanova? Then be sure to include in the diet of such meat:

  • beef
  • chicken
  • Turkey
  • rabbit

Pork and duck consumed in small quantities. It is too greasy, contains a lot of cholesterol. A beneficial effect of meat on a man's strength is determined by the method of its preparation. For better absorption of the product, before using it to cook. And roasted and smoked varieties of meat will only aggravate the situation. To obtain maximum efficiency from the meat, to use it is in combination with vegetables. They contain a lot of vitamins and stimulate the sexual organs.

Garlic and onions

These herbs activate blood circulation, directing blood to the genitals. When consumed increases testosterone production, increases the potency. In addition, onions and garlic – a great prevention of prostate. Their composition is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Garlic in its composition contains especially important for men component is selenium. Onions and garlic can be eaten in salads, in cooking or eating together with other products.

Due to the unique properties of the bow in ancient times it was forbidden to eat in the monasteries.


This product is famous for its wide range of advantages. If you use it in combination with other useful for male health products, the action of such drugs only increases.

To restore potency and to fix the result is possible if:

  1. Chop the onion on a grater
  2. Add honey in the ratio 1:1
  3. Stir and medication to use for 30 days 2 times per day for 20 g

In the treatment of prostatitis to increase sexual strength you need onion seeds grind into powder and combine in equal number with the product of beekeeping. Receiving a message at 10 g 3 times a day.


the grapes for good potency

This berry is not only delicious, but incredibly useful, especially for men. You need to choose red grapes. It increases the production of sperm. Many years ago it was discovered that in the skin of the berries contains resveratrol. This is the component that is responsible for the reproductive activity of the protein.

It is enough to consume 10 g of skin to impact positively on the whole body and genitals. You can eat the grapes in combination with strawberries, pomegranate, banana, dressed with berry sauce.


This sweet product is excellent and improves mood. But this is not the only advantage of sweets. Chocolate has a positive effect on the process of production of a hormone of pleasure - serotonin. After such treat the person enters into a mild euphoria and a state of love.

To increase male power is enough to consume 50 g of chocolate per day. Eat chocolate, not necessarily to sexual intercourse. It is possible to dream a little. For example, ask your companion to play a little and during sex to feed each other chocolates. And you can pour the chocolate into her friend's body, then gently and passionately to collect language. The chocolate game is fun and exciting.


This product was a favorite ingredient in the salad, which was prepared for the Marquise de Pompadour. As you know, this lady knew a lot about lovemaking. It is rich in vitamin C, potassium, phosphorus and calcium.

Eat celery can be prevention of prostatitis. For food use leaves and roots of the plant. You can use these recipes:

  1. Take 150 g spices, 1 Apple. All grind on a grater, to add kefir, honey
  2. Take the root of the main product, the Apple, chop on a coarse grater. Put to them a walnut and grapes. All pour low-fat yogurt
  3. The root spice, 1 Apple, 1 tomato. All chopped cubes, add the greens. Pour salad low-fat yogurt


According to conducted researches it was established that the daily use of one grenade could raise virility and prolong sexual intercourse.

Not necessary to eat the berries of this fruit, you can consume the juice. Only it is not necessary to choose a drink in the supermarket. It has few vitamins, and some preservatives. Real pomegranate juice is better to buy from people who are engaged in its preparation or in a specialized store. Enough to use it in day 200-400 g.


Earlier girls used cabbage salad, believing that this will make the Breasts lush and big. But all this is just words, because in fact it is proved that this method does not work. But men can take the product into service.

Cabbage contains vitamins, nutrients. Its action is aimed at increased production of testosterone. Use vegetable 500 g every day. It is better to combine the cabbage in a salad with other healthy vegetables.


Considering products to increase potency in men instantly , it is impossible not to mention a berry, like strawberries. Except for the gentle aroma and delicate taste, it still contains a lot of zinc. It increases testosterone. A day to eat 100-200 g strawberries work best for this berry, which have grown in their own garden. Winter strawberries may be frozen.

Strawberries – a common attribute of love games. Here are already to show their imagination can girls. Make your man a pleasant surprise – smear myself in whipped cream and place on the body is luscious strawberries. So you not only variety of your sex life, but also improve the erection of your partner.

Attention! IT's bad for the potency

Considering the products that affect the potency of men, the ban is immediately put alcohol and drugs. The property of such drinks is short-lived increase in potency. Through time this will lead to a potency, even the young guys.

Few good body men bring fast food. These include:

  • fast foods
  • donuts
  • French fries
  • mayonnaise
  • hot dogs

Energy drinks are also included in the prohibited products. They lead to short-term effect of strengthening sexual power. But that increases the load on the heart and blood vessels. Long-term use of such beverages may develop myocardial infarction or stroke.

Men's power is not eternal. Under the influence of certain factors she is exhausted. So it regularly needs to be filled, using the useful products. But just remember that to get an instant effect will not work. Such treatment is long, but effective and useful for the whole organism.