Exercises for penis enlargement: examples of implementation tips for men

What's better: massage for penis enlargement or exercises? Clearly such a question cannot be answered, any technique has its advantages if used correctly. But each technique has one purpose: to give the member the elasticity and increase the volume! To ensure that the results were tangible, you need only have patience and exercise regularly.

how to increase the member

Why is it necessary

What is trying to achieve a male with exercise? For many penis is the symbol of courage and confidence. If the nature has been generous and endowed with a medium size, and even did poorly in the course are various techniques to correct the injustice and to increase phallus.

With easy exercises for penis growth you can achieve the following results:

  • To increase the length and volume of the body.
  • Give it the correct anatomical shape.
  • Enhance libido and sexual stamina.
  • To eliminate "rate".
  • To live a full life and not know the age problems with erection.
  • To reduce the time between sexual acts.

It is important to remember that exercises to increase penis is the same power load, so you need to pre-prepare and "warm up" the penis to increase blood flow.

Where to start

An important part of the warming, without this preparatory period, the effectiveness of the exercise decreases, and to increase the difficult. Stick techniques rewarming is necessary as well as the methods to complete all the exercises for the penis.

Stages of warming:

  1. Terry towel wetted in hot water and squeeze.
  2. The shaft of the penis to wrap a towel, by controlling the temperature, the towel should not burn. The head of the penis should be open.
  3. The heating is carried out for 5-7 minutes.
  4. Carefully wipe the penis.

After analyzing the proposed technique, it is necessary to prepare all that you may need. Cream-lubricants can be used as a lubricant, it is better to choose one that will provide the duration of the activity and the desired effect.

Techniques that increase the penis size and give it the necessary elasticity, there is a big set. At all times men wanted to have the largest organ, though could not always explain why they need it. Experts will tirelessly explain that is important not the size of the phallus and how it fits to the vagina. Exercises to increase, as well as drugs-stimulants, making the penis bigger is only needed in case of an explicit "micro". But a small penis can not be increased even by using the best exercises, it requires radical methods (surgery, hormone therapy).

What to stop a choice

Below will be described the most famous and tested techniques that have enabled men to achieve results and increase reproductive organ. But it is important to remember that the result will be only after regular classes! Exercises from case to case – a waste of time.

Exercises are:

  1. Strengthen. The entire burden falls on the pelvic floor muscles that support the penis.
  2. Stretching (expanding). The purpose of the exercise – the creation of new cells of fabrics of a phallus.
penis enlargement.

Before you decide on penis enhancement, and the man is good think, because exercise has the opposite effect does not exist. There are the following types of stretching exercises:

  • Power stretching (no erection)

Take a dick for a head and pull it in the direction of "myself" for about 5 seconds. To release and pull to the right for 5 seconds, repeat to the left side and up. Discomfort exercise should not cause, the stretching of the corpora cavernosa, the penis enlargement.

  • Stretching in a circle

Member to hold the head and pull forward and up for 5 seconds, and then, leaving the voltage, make a turn anticlockwise. Repeat at least 25 times a full circle to do for 5 seconds. Periodically, you need to shake the phallus to restore blood flow. Purpose of exercise: to stretch the cartilaginous apophysis at the base, which will increase body length.

  • Stretch sitting

It is necessary to achieve an easy erection, but not more than 30-40 %. The member must pull to the buttocks and sit on it. Goal: maximize the inside pressure on the corpora cavernosa, thus there is a growth of body and thickness, and in length.

  • V stretch

This exercise is done in a fully soft cock. Get in the ring with your fingers the head and pull for 5-7 seconds. At the same time with your thumb to put pressure on the member base and to move towards the head. The grip should be tight, if one feels pain, you need to "push" the blood from the head, squeezing it.

  • Massage

The exercise is carried out with cream lubricant, a member needs to be a little excited. Fingers placed at the base and a motion resembling Masturbation. At full erection, to fix the fingers on the base and the head, hold the blood and at the same time stretching the penis. Overly zealous is not necessary, so as not to damage the ligaments and the skin.

  • "The bell"

When fully erect with legs wide apart and make movement in vertical and horizontal direction. Muscles of the perineum needs to stretch.

  • "Milking"

The method jelcing known throughout the world, it is conducted with incomplete (60-80 %) of the penis, so as not to injure the superficial blood vessels. Thumb and index finger connected in a ring and slowly (2-3 seconds) is adjusted to the head, change hand and repeat the stretching. Manipulation should be continuous for 5-7 minutes. A pause can be maintained, if a man feels the approach of ejaculation.

Effective completion of initiated

No less important is to complete all the exercises required to penis enlargement. To improve the result by ending all manipulations massage with heat treatments, but the temperature should not be higher than 34 degrees, to maintain the viability of the seed.

Massage can be performed within a few minutes, and then warm the penis using body wraps towel. This will give new blood flow and strengthening of its current vessels.


To achieve effective growth, strengthening and thickening member, you need to select exercises to consult a doctor-urologist (andrologist). He will select the most effective exercises that will help to increase the member and to avoid side effects!