How to make dick bigger at home

The increase of the male sexual organ is sometimes really necessary. To achieve the desired result, you can use one of the existing methods.

Before the procedures it is advisable to measure your body. After all, to bring women to orgasm is important, not the size of your penis. Prior to the grueling training necessary to understand, fit your dick in average size.

how to increase the member

The doctors proved that the member during erection can be from ten to fifteen centimeters. All that is more or less a matter of chance and luck. If your decision to increase the size of your penis remained hard to resolve this issue can home.

Methods of penis enlargement at home

There is a wide variety of techniques that allow a man to increase his penis without leaving the house:

  • one way is a vacuum pump;
  • camera allows by stretching the cells of the epithelial tissue to make the penis thicker and longer — extender;
  • the following method is the Oriental massage;
  • also suitable for this purpose and various special creams and ointments.

Vacuum pump

A vacuum pump will help to achieve a result within a month after application every day. This device is able to increase the member both in length and make it much thicker.

In addition to increasing, the pump is able to solve the problem men in the sexual sphere. Having the form of a flask fitted with her pump equipped with a blower and a compression ring, it should be sealed when used. The device can be both manual and mechanical, and is equipped with a pump.

The principle of operation of the apparatus simple. The member must enter the inside of the bulb, having the form of a cylinder. Then use the pump to remove air from the flask. In this action there is an erection. Next you need to firmly press the ring to the pubic area and remove the bulb from the penis. Ring to leave on the penis for eight minutes and then remove. Repeat this procedure twice a day, every day.

Don't forget to do the measurements require increasing of the authority before using any of the methods of its increase.

This method can make your member more on 4 inches, will help to diversify the sex, but it is also able to resolve impotence.


The extender is able to increase the size of male organ on half of inch in one month. To achieve this result, you have to train daily. The device works on the principle of stretching cells in epithelium tissues. Under the weight of the instrument they grow, filling the voids that appear in place of stretching. This method guarantees that the member will get bigger and stronger.

The extender also increases the male organ not only in length but also gives it a larger diameter. Through this simple exercise, you can also fix defects and curvatures of the member.

At the end of five months you will see changes:

  • excited body will be more than five centimeters;
  • while at rest it will also be more than a 3-4 centimeter;
  • the volume of the penis will increase by half.

In the first four weeks it is recommended to put the unit on the night, never taking it for ten hours. Using this technique daily, the results will be visible after a few months and will remain forever.

Jelcing: rules exercises

This technique allows you to enlarge penis with hands. The Eastern technique is to increase body gradually. This technique is one of the safest ways of penis enlargement. This is due to the full control of the action, produced by their own hands.

This technique works thanks to a rush of blood to the penis and stretching cells. Using this method a couple of times a day, the results can be felt after a few weeks.

Exercise requires pre-heating of the body, which is the action. To make the procedure more effective, you can use special creams that increase male organ.

the penis enlargement at home

The pre-heating member, you should apply the cream on bringing the massage to a state of easy erection. Folding the forefinger and thumb in the shape of a ring, you need to hold along the length of the member to the head, not much squeezing it. Generating traffic should not cause pain. Repeat the movement should be about forty times, gradually increasing the session for 10 times. After four weeks of using the technique, the movement should be done three hundred times per session.

Performing simple massage techniques after a month will let you feel significant changes in the size of the penis.

A variety of existing techniques enables the man to choose the most suitable method to make the penis more impressive. Essential for the use of methods of increase remains careful weighing of the decision whether you need this procedure.