How to increase member at home: a popular ways

A large number of men believe the size of his genitals not big enough, but because the question of how you can increase the member in the home is highly relevant and rarely care representatives of a strong half of mankind.

Until recently was considered that increase of a member is impossible, however thanks to the development of medicine, there are many ways available to absolutely everyone.

Despite the fact that many methods of penis enlargement are considered safe, most of them can have a negative impact on health.

Is it possible to make the member more?

how to increase the member

The question everyone should ask themselves the man who dared to carry out certain procedures. It should be noted that the belief that the body is often a little deceptive.

In the disease known in the medical field as a small penis used for the treatment of the special operation, as at home, the disease is virtually untreatable.

In addition, the belief that penis size is too small is not talking about the physiological problems and mental disorder. His background may be discontent with his body, a distorted idea of what it should be.

As a rule, those men who suffer from such disorders to seek help, not therapists, and surgeons, but the problem is not solved.

At the moment ways of increase of a member are many, and almost all

The average penis size is 13-14 cm in erection

suggest performing procedures in the home environment. Almost every method is potentially dangerous because it exposes the sexual organ to a strong tension, which in turn can lead to negative consequences in the form of impotence or infertility.

Besides, to make such a drastic change in your body is unnatural, and therefore ought to think again about the advisability of such procedures.

In the home to produce any unnatural operations with their genitals by default contraindicated. Even despite the fact that some methods of increasing seem to be relatively safe, we cannot be confident that their application will not cause side effects. Obviously, as in standard medical issues should consult a doctor, in order to further avoid the risk to their health.

Methods of penis enlargement

Speaking about how to make dick bigger at home, be sure to pay attention to a variety of ways and methods of such procedures.

For their conduct is not the man to need the help of a specialist, but you should be as cautious and careful not to harm your health.

Ways of penis enlargement:

  1. Swelling. This method is based on the fact that the size of a member increases when it is long time to be in the erect state. Constant blood flow is ensured by mechanical action, for example, using the rings. Due to the fact that a member is continually filled with blood during erection, its dimensions increase, but not much, 1-2 see, This method is not considered secure, because a constant erection can affect men's opportunities.
  2. The extrusion method. This method came from tribes of African natives, where to stretch their ears, lips, neck and other body parts in order. The technique is very simple – on member is attached a small sinker, the weight of which is constantly increasing. In the process of continuous usage, the phallus in the sky. Using this method, you can extend the member by 5-10 cm, but it is safest to pull off with the help of the cargo for not more than 3-4 cm.
  3. Hormonal therapy. Medical method, which is used for men, the size of dignity which is extremely small. In the patient administered testosterone, in combination with additives that promote its absorption. The disadvantage of this method is that it is used usually for the treatment of small penis in childhood. In addition, a hormonal imbalance which triggered the procedure can lead to a lot of negative consequences.
  4. Manual exposure. The most simple method which is often used for penis enlargement. The basic principle consists in stretching the body, which is carried out through movements similar to movements during Masturbation. The exception is that a person should always hold back the ejaculation, repeating the procedure after a short respite. As a result, with regular use, the member can be increased by several centimetres.
  5. Point massage. The basic principle of this method is that when exposed to certain biological point, to stimulate the creation of hormones necessary for penis growth. Unfortunately, such procedure can only deal with a trained doctor. Carry out the procedure alone is not only ineffective but unsafe.
  6. Filling fat. It is a surgical procedure that aims at increasing the male sexual organ. Before the procedure, fat taken from one part of the body where it quite a lot, and then, after processing, is placed in a member. This method is relatively safe, but has the drawback that with time the fat to dissolve, whereby to maintain the increased size will have to repeat the operation.
  7. Pumping with silicone. Enlargement method bodies using the pump with silicone and touched men's bodies. After the procedure are virtually eliminated any complications or adverse reactions, however, being in a loose state, the silicone gradually descends under the force of gravity, causing it to accumulate in the head, causing it to become like a mushroom, and is not healthy.
  8. The use of polymers. In order that a member was large, it is possible not only to stretch or pump, but also to sculpt. This is the principle of the procedure based on the use of polymer materials, its consistency and mode of action resembling clay. Such materials, unlike silicone, will not flow and remain in place. Method really effective, but what was done can break, causing will hurt the body.
  9. Methods of self-hypnosis. The method is based on autosuggestion and performing meditation exercises. The effectiveness of such methods can be questionable, however advantage is the fact that this reproductive organ is safe. If desired, this method can be combined with any others.
penis enlargement.

Before the procedure it is recommended to thoroughly wash your hands, then wet a soft cloth with warm water and wrap it in the trunk of his body. In this position, you must hold it in for 3-4 minutes. Through this exercise improves circulation and organ tissue becomes more elastic.

After this exercise, you should go to stretch. It is important that blood circulation in the organ is not violated.

In General, techniques and ways to increase member at home, there are many, however, their efficacy and safety to be questioned, especially if we are talking about is not clinical methods. In order to increase the member, it is best to seek professional help and not put your health at risk.